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Bring clarity to creative women entrepreneurs, bloggers, and brands that know they have a purpose to serve online and want a strong start, in the right direction.

The Approach

Get clear on business goals and technology needs for websites and Instagram visual marketing in order to create an authentic brand that is sustainable and builds a legacy.

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Get tips on apps, visuals, & more for your online presence.

Meet Narsha

Your chic, tech-creative partner

"I love how the web allows us to be ourselves while we make a living around our strengths, improving lives through solving problems we're great at solving (our purpose) and expanding our horizons."

Narsha Njoya

Creative Director & Web Designer

I've Worked With Some Amazing Brands


How can we bring your vision online?

Web Design

Customized WordPress or Squarespace

Choose Squarespace or WordPress and let’s work together to craft a beautiful & unique digital experience that delights your audience. As your Creative Partner, I’ll use my knowledge and expertise to design a website that feels like you and helps you live your purpose.

Flatlay Tips

Better Photography for Small Biz Owners

Authentic visuals allow you to build a brand into a legacy. Master visual storytelling, and let what makes your brand beautiful & valuable speak for you. After-all, we’re in this for the journey, not just the destination.


Clarity & Direction for Digital Projects

With so many avenues to choose from to make your impact online, let’s get clear on the right technology and systems that work best for you to grow into and build on your goals. Get a 90-minute coaching call + follow-up homework.

The Tech Chic Monthly Newsletter

Topics include

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