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How to Get a Consistent Business Name Across Social Media


Choosing a name is a solid first step in establishing your business online. But, before you buy that .com, use this tool first to help ensure your business branding can be consistent across multiple platforms.
As a web designer, I am always delighted to help my clients start on the right foot + get consistent naming for all social media profiles related to their business upfront, helping them avoid changes later.

There’s great advice about making sure that we name profiles and websites consistently across all the social platforms you’re active on. When people know how to find us, then they can pay us.

And that tool, my friends, is at

How it Works

Once you enter the name you’d like to check, you can have namechk research the name for domains (.com, .net, etc)virtually every social media platform

It’s simple & super fast, showing results from all the heavy hitters of Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, tumblr, & more.

Who can pass up getting a 365 view on your potential streams of social media strategy, by knowing you can nab your business name everywhere you want to use??

Which leads me to those 2 Fun Steps…

Search & Sign Up

Because who isn’t excited to take the next steps towards making their dream online business/web presence real.

1. Search for your desired name

2. Sign-up for every. single. one. even if you aren’t ready to use it, have it ready and reserved for when you are.

That’s right. It’s game time.

  1. Create your business email.
  2. I like to use GMAIL because it’s free, I love Google Apps, and it’s fast.
  3. Then, sign up some more, for all the open social media user accounts using new business email address.
  4. Everywhere.

Additional tips…

  • When searching between names, it’s best to refresh the browser window before searching for the
  • click on the name next to the domain or social media username to be taken to either the profile that’s taken or to sign-up on the social media website where the name is free.
  • if the username entered is too long, Namechk will let you know with RED or and/or a red circle “X”
What’s Next?

I’m hoping you’ve already got your business plan and your brand style guide and you’re ready to start building your website (I can help you there!) and social media strategies based on your audience.


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