Branding + Website Redesign

Website Redesign

It’s time for you to upgrade your branding and website to match your growth.

We’ll take a close look at the current website and online presence you have now and strategize and decide the best design moves to make next in order to elevate your brand.

What’s Included

Branding + Logo

We’ll go in-depth about the value, messaging, and nuances of your company. I’ll redesign your logo to match where you brand is now and the direction you want it to go in the future.



We’ll outline your goals and focus on what designs, visuals, and theme catering to the needs of your business.[

Content Marketing

Your email list is important. It’s the bloodline for your business. Let me walk you through how to maximize your content and strategy to increase your website conversions.

Visual Strategy

In building an online business, you want to have more than just a website to reach your potential clients and brands you want to collaborate with. Let’s walk through your products/services and how you can use visual storytelling to increase engagement and attract your ideal audience.strategy to increase your website conversions.

The Process

  • We’ll get on the phone for your free consult to see if we’re meant to work together. If that goes well, we’ll sign a contract and send over your deposit. Payment plans are available.
  • We’ll have a Clarity Call where we go over all the details of your business goals, make a list of the best plugins/features for your website to best showcase your value and services, and leave the call with action plans for both of us to take to prepare your branding + website.
  • We can/will communicate often to make sure aspects of the project are going well and allow you to learn different features of your website along the way.
  • Our time together will end with you feeling Empowered. Your brand elevated. And your business able to adapt and evolve with marketing and other changes in business.

How to Get Started: